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When you are taking hcg drops there are many questions that may arise including your particular diet and the safety of weight gain and weight loss. In the VLCD, vegetables do not have any weight limit. They are limited on the basis of the calorific value of each vegetable. The dieters can have as many vegetables as they want, since the number of calories in a vegetable is very low.

In Pounds & Inches, Dr. Simeons specifically mentioned not to mix different vegetables to create a salad as a part of the VLCD. Many dieters who mixed vegetables reported a slight increase in the body weight.

Calorie Intake and HCG

It is not compulsory to eat 500 calories for the whole of VLCD. HCG recommends the dieter to use the complete quota for the day. Dieters not taking the complete 500 calories have often reported hunger pangs even in the 3rd week of the diet.

Exercise and HCG

HCG dropsIt is not necessary to exercise while a person is on the HCG diet. The 500 calorie input given to the body does not produce enough energy to perform the basic functions for a period of 24 hours. Any exercise might result in excessive burning of calories, leaving the dieter weak and exhausted. If the dieters feel that exercise is compulsory, they can perform some light workouts such as jogging or stretching.

The low calorie diet causes a dieter to suffer from hunger and frustration. The enzymes in the body erode all the fat in the body, including the muscle mass as well as the structure muscle.

Fat Deposits and HCG Benefits

HCG removes various fat deposits present in the body by breaking them down and making them soluble in water. HCG ensures that the muscle mass of the body stays untouched during the entire treatment. Due to this reason, the body retains its healthy look throughout the time the dieter undertakes the program.

Regaining Weight After Using HCG

At the end of HCG diet protocol, the dieter has complete control over the body weight. The dieter can easily exercise control over the amount of food consumed by self. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the dieter can ensure that they can maintain the ideal weight.

Buying HCG Safely Over the Internet

HCG diet plans can be bought online. Many satisfied customers’ left extensive feedback for new users to peruse before they can decide to buy the various products available in the market.

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