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Main dimensions




r:1.5 mm
r1:1.00 mm
Ca:45.4 kN
Coa:48.1 kN
Limit speed of steel ball(Oil lubrication):12000 r/min
Ceramic ball limit rotational speed(Oil lubrication):19200 r/min
Steel Ball:1.460 kg
Ceramic Ball:1.310 kg
Products parameters

B70 Super High Speed series

Features: It is mainly used for high speed and high-precision bearings for internal grinding of electric spindle, and the internal parameters of the bearing are specially optimized to meet the requirements of electric spindle.

A, B70 series, contact angle 15°
b, Cage: outer ring Guide phenolic resin cage (unmarked)
C, spherical material: steel ball (no mark), Ceramic ball (HQ1)
D, High-precision series only supply P4 level, P2 class
E, high-speed, ultra-high speed, suitable for constant pressure preload, oil mist or oil and gas lubrication.
* Optional Ceramic Ball
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